Monday, 20 October 2008

You Spin Me Right Round...

The Bastards have had  a pretty average week on the killboard. Nothing reaching the eclectic highs of an eBay fitted Machariel or George Michael laying waste to Metropolis. Nonetheless, it was still a most excellent turnover of ships including a very well fitted Damnation that was self confessed by the pilot as 'The Best Level 2 Mission Running Ship He Ever Had' - Made me Chuckle.

The quiet week has seen the return of some great faces to our ranks. z0de has finally returned from an Eve break which saw him turn into the biggest troll you have ever seen. In fact not even Goumindog from goons could even envisage the troll levels that z0de had been pulling out on The Bastard's ever active forums.

For any of you thinking about joining up with the B's in metro, access to that forum would be another excellent reason. It is an untold fountain of knowledge to new and old pilots alike.

Spun Around

This is a subject that sends many an EFT Warrior (or a 'Praxis' to The Bastards named aptly after a previous corpy EFT Warrior) to an early grave.

Most people will break the profanity filters in regards to fitting a ship that does not adhere to its pre allocated bonuses. I am a big believer of thinking outside the box. 

Examples of good ships that move away from their standard fittings would be the passive shield tanked Myrmidon (actually holding the record for a passive shield setup) which can easily hold its own against several ships. Anything from AC's upon an 
Ishtar to a shield tanking Dominix, they all get bad press until someone proves how useful one cold be. (OK the shield tanking Dominix not so much)

One example which produced untold success was the IonClones we took out on Sisi for a laugh. (Something I seriously wish to do on Tranquility soon)

The Cyclone is generally considered one of the worser of the Battlecruisers, especially with its big brother, the Hurricane performing such a pivotal role in pirating for many alike. Nonetheless, the Clone has such untapped potential.

We in fact tried a gang of 5 Ion fitted cyclones, adopting an ample shield buffer to each and inviting a single scimitar along with us. The results were indeed staggering. Before the final Cyclone was nailed in its coffin, we had worked our way through a Paladin, 
2 Golems, 2 Ravens, 2 Maelstroms, an Abaddon and 3 Megathrons.

Of course with this being Sisi, we take it with a pinch of salt and can only hope to partially replicate the success of the gang on tranquility. However in contrast, many of the pilots would have been fielding the pirate implants to increase their tank due to the open availabilty of them on Singularity. Ion Clone 1 - Eve Public 0.

I guess the point I am trying to get across in a poor way is that pioneering something new in game will not get you much support, until you show people what you can do with it.

Why are you flying that...

The words of many for whence they see a fellow corp member step into the lowly Ferox. A ship many would agree is simply a complete waste of space next to something like the Brutix which can damage you a lot faster and at the 
same price.

Determined to prove everyone wrong, I will be trying to notch up some kills in one over the course of the next few months. After seeing Aston Gulliver and SK Rooster use them so effectively back in our Notoriety days, I know the ship has potential to be more than everyone gives it credit for. Results are only measured by success however,  I will endeavour to populate The Bastard's Killboard with some.

So not the normally fun packed post, I will endeavour to locate some idiot flying a commander fit Rattlesnake for next week and kill him in a Bantam.

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Mynxee said...

Good post, San...makes me want to go fire up EFT and start trying semi-crazy fits. Of course, having almost entirely Minmatar skills narrows down the reasonable choices a bit.