Saturday, 11 October 2008

Welcome to Metropolis, Please Check Commander Modules at the Door

Well ladies and gentlemen I must introduce myself... My character in the most seductive of mistresses that is Eve Online goes by the name of San Rintu. I have generally walked most forms of life within Eve but alas, I have always been allured by the wonders of Metropolis and the life of a pirate.

Going from -10 security status back to -1.9 is a tough task that requires hours of time put into murdering the countless families of the NPC pirates in game. This time, after a short break from Eve, I have decided that San will be staying as an honourable flashy red member of Eve society (albeit many pondering whether pirating is still alive or there even being a place for us vagabonds within Eve.)

With the insatiable Flashfresh now joining our ragtag group of ruffians, I felt almost obliged to write alongside one of the greats of Metropolis. I have been on both ends of his AutoCannons and can categorically say that I sal
ute those who fall to them. While your ship presents Flash with an amicable fireworks party, he is laughing at you.

The Powers of eBay...

"Wait..Wait...Mizuro's What?"

'Bastards Friday' as it now has been penned, is a glorious time in which we somehow magnetise those in Eve who maybe are not quite understanding of the fundamental game mechanics. The most notable example written so eloq
uently in Flash's last blog.

This Friday, we simply could never have comprehended...

The corp was fairly busy, adding some minor kills the to killboard. Also having some poorer luck with station undock mechanics which led to an unfortunate loss. Props to tanking them for several minutes mere metres from docking range

A gang of light cruiser support with some pricey heavy assault ships mixed in had been roaming just a jump or two away. Scouts had reported them moving our way so we decide to interdict on their maneuvers and set up a little bait.

My alt in an Abaddon jumped into the system from which they had last been spotted. We expected them to engage the juicy Battleship target but alas we later found they had eyes ahead of them in Evati. With them knowing we had a conti
ngent of pew pew types on, it was probably in their best minds to seek a pint at their local station's bar.

The Bastards were split apart through a number of surrounding systems as some of us began traversing the stargates back to Evati. As a little bit 'gung-ho' at times, I ended up scouting in my Abaddon which for all intensive purposes, a potato co
uld align faster. Some would say it's a foolish move, I just prefer a little excitement.

As the lumbering Battleship appeared in Evati, two battleship sized vessels appeared upon the gate. I breathed a sigh as I fully expected several more to appear and for my shiny Battleship to gain a new paint job.

Alas I looked closer at my overview...a Scorpion class battleship, renowned for laying on Jam thicker than Mr. Kipling and reducing maximum damage ships to ornaments through it's myriad of electronic countermeasures. The second
ain a battleship class appeared on scan as a Machariel. The Machariel being an extremely rare battleship originating from the Angel Cartel of pirates. Such a ship costs more than 6 times that of the Abaddon of which I was flying.

After a period of speechless shock, I put the words together on comms and informed the rest of the guys that they would have some beyond juicy targets jumping to them shortly. Surprisingly, the two pilots ignored my flashy red bullet magnet and proceeded to jump into the remnants of our gang.

10km from the gate now, I slowly rumbled back towards it hoping to hear the good news. In the current state of Eve, the Machariel can be fitted to possess unrivaled speeds which even some interceptor pilots aspire to reaching. It makes catching on of these devils all the harder.

Today was Bastards Friday however...we don't mess around. Flash announces most proudly upon comms 'POINT!' followed by the gleeful bellows of the specialists in gang; Proph and Ard webbing the target down to a stop in their specialist stasis webification recon ships.

We had him...

As I jumped back through the gate, the Machariel was already deep into it's tank. My Scorch crystals were loaded and merely helped the stricken ship onwards to its grave

Our quick locking Recons snag the pod too. It promptly is popped.

The Scorpion then inexplicably uncloaks and attempts to initiate warp. With the Battleships taking the brunt of the gate fire, our Recons again have no problem in preventing such an occurrence. The Scorpion is quickly dispatched with such heavy support on show and the wreck is quickly parked beside the expensive counterpart.

Being the indomitable centre of the party and self confessed loot whore, Prophet approaches the faction battleship wreck ignoring the resounding gate fire bouncing off of his shields. We expected maybe a faction module or two in line with the price of the ship's hull.


Proph lets out a sound which cannot be defined or compared. With good reason however. The Machariel was fielding several modules that would total the loss at over 5 Billion ISK.

The Scorpion not too shabby either in dropping several faction items weighing in a 60mil hull in at 600mil with its overly expensive fitting.

In perspective, that sort of ISK could field anything from 5 Carriers to a Wolf Class Assault Ship for everyone online in Jita.

After a well guarded loot gathering session, the ridiculously priced modules were moved into safekeeping. We all took a step back, sat down, opened up a cold alcoholic beverage and took a well earned rest.

Props to all of those involved, you know who you are. For those who say pirating does not pay, eBay begs to differ with you.

In Other News:

- Several members of the Bastards are considering a comeback tour. The likes of General Coochie and apirates taught a lot to the fellow Bastard members and it will be nice to have some of the family back.

- Our Rorqual with such a hilarious history sold on Bastards Friday too. It made us all a little bit richer and the ISK will no doubt be invested into making people explode more often...even if it may be us.

So that's all for now folks. Has been a fun week and hopefully I will have more for you soon!



Kane Rizzel said...

Epic kill

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wow. just ... wow.

Loved the writeup, looking forward to more :)

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Hey there!

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