Sunday, 12 October 2008

Quiet Weekends...

Generally a quiet weekend for all in The Bastards...

Thought I would allow you guys to catch up with some goings on.

- Loth has created a Bastards themed comic strip over on strip generator. His talents can be seen over on the stripgenerator page.

- VB Sarge has created an extremely philosophical blog on the wonders of Eve and quite obviously how it has affected all of us in some way or another. I personally believe copious amounts of alcohol and/or drugs were included in the writing of it!

Welcome the Python Cartel...

So the blog specialist and all round good read from Spectre has posted on how his corp has moved on from their previous home of Aurohunen. Their new home takes them a mere downstream sail towards the edge of Metropolis, an area that was once infested with the BEES (Mutually Assured Distraction) prior to the Empyrean Age. The Python gang fielded Saturday was a little too heavy for a poor little Abaddon to take on alone...even for the most gung-ho of pilots. However I endeavored to let them give me a pretty light show from a T2 Harbinger, Armageddon and Spectre's very own Vexor. Hopefully after the slow weekend we are having, we can go give them a good show in the near future as a proper constellation warming party.

The Smiley Face of Death

I was always a hater of how the Ishtar functioned as a PvP vessel. Gank battlecruiser damage fitted upon a nano hull.

Of course that changed once I finally stepped into my first. The ship not only appears to take no talent to fly, (hence appealing to my skills) but it comes with the epic smiley face of death. This further drives fear into our victims such as this quite amicably fitted Astarte. That fight for the record involved the pressing of several buttons to drop the drones, initiate an orbit and then go make a cup of tea. Unsure it's totally for me but nonetheless, we lolled much on comms.

Hopefully the weekend will pick up...If not then bring on Bastards Friday!


Mynxee said...

Thanks for making me pee my pants, you crazy bastards! I added a link to your strip in my blog sidebar's Good for a Giggle section.

noreply said...

Following your blog mate. Though I am listed as 'noreply' for some odd reason.