Friday, 24 October 2008


eBay Lives in Metro

The Bastards returned to their normal selves this week. Adding more winning kills to the board that says it all. Another Machariel for which I held point on the gate in an untanked Arazu, leaving in low low structure. I Always thought the one ship rave machine of Eve needs to look on fire to fit in with it's persona. (If you don't know what I am talking about, it has pulsating flashlights on the front). In fact I find myself chucking shapes and singing 'Ebeneezer Good' each time I make a successful mission bust.

Alas, this Machariel had possibly the worst fitting we have seen for a good long time for such an expensive ship. Worse still, the pilot could at have best been running a level 2 mission within it, something which a destroyer could amply devour for 799 million ISK less than the speedy Angel battleship.

In other awesome kills, a Fenrir dropped once again in Arnstur and actually dropped stuff! Albeit the Maelstrom and Huggin going bang, the drop was nonetheless acceptable.

A number of squatting POS runners were also made to pay their rental fees. (and damn right they should for our outrageously sexy company!) One POS which did no
t pay up took a bashing and dropped some nice loots into a number of cans. We are slowly whittling down our long list of squatters in Metropolis. As you can see, my Ishtar was more than happy with the haul...

Seriously, look at that grin. How can you not love the little bastard!

Welcome back Ray

On a most excellently fantastic note, my good friend Raynor Etrin made an unexpected return to Eve last night. (If you ever meet the chap I would suggest remaining a 70km barge pole away from his blasters which end people sideways). Ray had inexplicably left the game on a sudden note and I could not reach him out of game. Made me very sad.

It turns out he had escaped a real life podding by the cream of the custard in a high speed car accident. Nonetheless, I am both over the moon that he is back and in full working order. His dry and limitless humour on vent normally ends with many aching stomachs throughout the night.

Expect to see some top damage dealing going to his monstrously over dps'd rapemode ships and probably some hilarious 'doh!' losses to balance out the karma.

Flash and E-On

Our most legendary blog specialist and corp mate Flashfresh has been given the go ahead for a new article in the ever popular E-On magazine. Very exciting indeed and I certainly cannot wait to read what he has to ramble on about this time. (Speaking of that, please read his excellent write up of yet another freighter killing)

On other blogularly notes, please have a gander at Shae's blog to read the wonders of Eve meeting real life and please indulge yourself on Mynxee's ramblings of her experiences at being a fully fledged corporate leader.

If however, you are tired of being beaten up girls then you should definitely go and check out Spectre's latest adventures as a self confessed Eve Newbie. I wonder what that scamp has been up to today!

Anyways, that's all for now have an epic weekend all of you lovely people and please do bring your faction battleships to Metro because we want your fittings.


Mynxee said...

Now you talked me into ordering a pile of ships up your way, guess I need to buy a vacation condo and install a JC there so I can party with you from time to time, eh?

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