Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Felines who Shine...

After the resounding success of the Wham! gank squad two nights back, The Bastards had attracted followers from all over New Eden.

Earlier in the day, MOLOTOV Coalition decided to grace us with their presence in Evati, bringing a similar setup to which we had but with a vodka twist. After engaging upon a station in Evati, we noticed they fielded a mixture of ECM and Remote Repair drones that worked furiously to keep the cruiser hulls alive from the Battleships bearing guns down upon them.

This is an age old tactic applied to a smaller ship hull which works excllently, regarding you are not a big flashy red criminal. Those of us who are have to put up with gaining sentry gun fire for simply remote repping a corp mate...just because they pod before they think.

The Molotov gang was well set up and the disengage was called as soon as the drones were seen. The Bastards both did not have enough ships to successfully counter the gang, nor did we have the sustanance to remain under both sentry fire and fleet fire. The result was the loss of Frog's Dominix and Proph's Rupture.

Props to Molotov for using such a well thought out gang. The smack in local was a little unwarranted and it was also a little sad to see the once 'premium' pirate alliance in Eve fielding all of their pilots well above the line of outlaw. Everyone plays the game differently though, we will not grace them with such easy kills in future.

Feline Affinity...

We decided to open up the Wham! squad doors to friends from the pirate community. Top of the list being the self confessed yarrring vixens of the Eve community Mynxee and Shae from the women only corporation, The Hellcats.

Along with another of the independence cartel Jaxxon Voers, our gang of uber dps rape buckets was formed once again to tear up the locals. Ronin had the fleet move out to Molden Heath this time, the area still recovering from the gargantuan Beyond Divinty pirate corp moving to Citadel. The area was still sparse for the majority of the roam, however our joint operations Wham! squad did not pass on any opportunity to redecorate a ship.

Most fights we had left the opposition running away in nano ships or having a point missed on them by mere nanoseconds. There was however a lucky winner in their Ishtar.

For two nights in a row, AntonioBanderas arrived at a planet, enaged his microwarp drive and played chicken with the opposition. Much like the Fleet Issue Stabber, Bandy's 'Lovemachine' scythed through the vaccuums of space to latch onto the expensive Gallentean Heavy Assault Ship. As the stasis webifier engaged, you could hear the bellows of George Michael ripple the fabric of the system as Thorax and Rupture alike collapsed their warp bubbles.

In seconds, the close ranged bullet spewers were shredding the stricken vessel apart. The friends of the Ishtar could but watch from a distance as their fleet mate was rapidly left floating in his escape pod.

Next in line for execution was the Harbinger that simply chose the wrong gate to jump through. This time, the Emporesses' battlecruiser uncloaked and recalibrated its sensors for warp 33km from my Thorax.

I shouted to the helmsman to overheat the mircrowarp drive at 130% and the same to the tactical officer running the warp disruption subroutines. Soon I was at 28km and the disruptor activated. You could feel the hearts sink on board the Harbinger from miles away. If you looked closely you could also see my Thorax, WakeMeUpB4UGoGo glowing like a lightbulb from the levels of overheating taking place.

Much like in Star Trek where every console has a ridiculous spark generator which spews out randoms bits of hot pain every time something goes a bit tits up, the bridge of my Thorax started to resemble a steel cutting factory.

Inertia saved my ship as the Microwarp Drive shut down for good and I coasted into web range of the ship. By now, Mynxee, Ronin and Prophet had their Ruptures whirring towards the target at top speed, 425mm cannons gaining an optimal firing solution. Shae followed in behind my centrally heated Thorax followed by Klymaxx's which had just dropped out of warp.

The Harbinger noted that the gigantic glowing fireball coming towards him was the one which had scrambled his warp. His pulse lasers began bearing down upon my now lampooned vessel with a broken propulsion mod.

Alas, his efforts to break free of my George Foreman griling machine were in vain. The 425mm cannons upon Mynxee, Ronin and Prophet spun up in unison, releasing a myriad of emp rounds into the armour of the battlecruiser. Shae and Klymaxx then unleashed their antimatter rounds from the oversized neutron blaster cannons, smashing into the resistant plating.

As my pocket blowtorch began to enter armour, the Harbinger's resistant plates had worn through from the copious punishment lashed upon them. With just a damage control computer between the crew and cold of space, they ran for the escape pods and promptly left system.

Also to be noted that not only did we dispatch of the Harbinger in such a ruthless fashion, we did it in style too, separating a Rupture with a Thorax for each of the highest damage dealers. You simply cannot find this dedication elsewhere.

Not as successful as the previous night many would argue. There was the potential for a myriad of kills which simply slipped through our fingers. Many of the reasons for which full nano ships have their days ticking down. The ability to commit to a fight in knowledge that you can escape at any time doesn't really fit in with the foundation of Eve.

All in all, a fun night had by all. Especially on Vent for which we had hopefully entertained our guests with lout mouthed antics, generally poor behaviour but yet mixing it all into a concoction of the stylish, rutheless and uncontrollably sexy murdering of New Eden pod pilots.

We certainly hope to fly with you again!

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Mynxee said...

We had a a great time, as I posted today. You guys are fun to fly with for a lot of very good reasons...I'm sure I speak for Shae as well as myself in saying we are looking forward to the next time!