Wednesday, 3 December 2008

There Can Only Be One

Sale of a Legend a sentimental and teary eyed fashion, I waved goodbye to the control of San today. Shocked many of you may be at the sale, alas it was coming.

With the lack of income, several accounts has become a squeeze. Two PvP accounts had also started to become a burden, rather than an advantage. I would lose ships on both accounts because my attention was divided between the two screens.

The tough decision was made, the quantity of ships that San could fly over the quality of Jed's extremely focused skill set. In the end, it was a no brainer to me.

Best of luck to the new owner of San however, Jed will continue the wonderful tales from Metropolis without a stutter!

More Violent Fail in Gultratren...

Jorge and Prophet hit the guys up on comm's:

'Guys, we have a Nidhoggur sitting outside a station in Gult...'

Sarvic and Myself had been on a sortie in our dreads. Without further a do we replied:

'Ok, lets give this a go.'
z0de proceeded to Gultratren in a Myrmidon fitted with a cynosural field generator, enabling our gargantuan damage whores to lock on and jump to. Snaptz was already in system with Proph and Jorge on an alt. He had been playing docking games with the Carrier pilot, ensuring he kept his attention. Shouting lines such as 'Awww, you angry I popped your Cyno alt?' and such certainly helped to keep the pilot in local.

The sub capital support waited upon the Gult gate in Arnstur. Snaptz undocked once again and the Nidhoggur pulled out it's Templar fighters and began to aggress him. In jumped the support, clouded by the hundreds of macro haulers in local. Simultaneously, z0de warped to 0 of the now aggressed Carrier and immediately dropped the field.

"Go, Go, Go!" he shouted. Seconds later, the murky dusk of space lit up with the roaring sound of the Naglfar and Revelation jumping in. Immediately we hit Siege mode, the Artillery on the Naglfar retracting to the back of the ship to compensate for the extraordinary recoil of them firing. The Revelation's Dual Giga Pulse extended from the sides on the characteristic storks as both dreads scrambled to get a lock upon the Carrier again.

Both opened up in unision upon the stricken Nidhoggur. We still thought it was a tight one to take it down in time...

The Revelation began to take holes out of the shields. We expected to soon hit a hefty armour tank which would see it through the next 40 seconds to dock. Shockingly, Sarvic and I fired together as it entered armour to see the Nidhoggur drop 50% of it in one salvo.

Ronin exclaimed 'Holy fuck, it' shield tanked, we could pull this off boys. Overload them guns'

Naturally we obliged as the Nid rapidly fell through structure and proceeded to embarassingly explode within docking range. Jed had snared the final blow and had the privelage of posting up what has to be one of the most ridiculous setups we have ever seen fielded on a Carrier. In fact, if it wasn't for the Drone Control Unit sitting in the loot can, you would swear we just killed a Raven.

Grats to all involved and another surgically precise removal of another confused pilot within the Eve world who somehow found himself in the capital graveyard that is Gultratren. I see us as exacting the Darwin Awards upon the world of Eve, slowly wittling down those who are simply not up for the intellectual challenges of Eve.

A short but informative post today. Hope not all of you will disown me now I have sold what most of you know as my main character. Nonetheless, Jed is going nowehere :)


Mynxee said...

San who? ♥♥♥ to Jed.

That carrier fit was ridiculous!

Biz Quick said...

Eh heheheh Great stuff! Keep it coming!