Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Mynxee Said She'd Touch Me

...If I blogged it up

Without further explanation needed, the blogging begins again.

I've been having an interesting time of late in Eve, hence the bottleneck of blog posting. I've lost more ships of recent than I think I can ever recall. Sadly there has been at least 2 ECM ships on every one of my losses which further angers me.

It is an aspect of the game that I have come to greatly dislike. First and foremost, San used to primarily fly Falcons and Rooks so I understand both the mechanics of them and to be perfectly honest, how much of a c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker they are.

Now I can understand if your gang of 2-5 small ships wishes to mix it up with the bigger boys and girls. I have however been the victim of 10+ ship blobs versus just myself and they yet feel obliged to jam with umpteen ECM ships. 

For all those Caldari pilots shouting 'but we have nothing else to fly', quite simply shut up. You now have a myriad of some of the best ships in the game. Get out of the ECM ships and have some fun. ECM is quite simply as boring as mining too. All of these fights that I have had would have been even a little bit fun without the retarded amounts of ECM, especially as much of it did not make the killmail in many cases.

Enough of my pointless rants anyway. On to the violence.


Our good competitors from the German alliance Sternhagel had followed us back from Egmar to our home system. They had a fleet consisting of 2 Muninns, 1 Cerberus, 1 Deimos and a Sleipnir. We had lured them back with Vagabond and Curse and they happily obliged to roll to the planet of which Tibberg parked his Tech 2 assortment of toilet roll tubes and duct tape at.

Many an AU off of scan sat both of my alts, San in an Eagle and Jed in the trusty and most deadly Apocalypse. Cloaked next to Tibberg happened to be our two Piranhas, Viginiti and Kulmid waiting in their Pilgrim Recon Ships, renowned for sucking more capacitance away from a ship than a hooker could suck a golf ball through a hosepipe.

As they all began to land, Vig uncloaked burning to gain point upon a target. Tibberg burned for an artillery fit Muninn, taking fire as he did. As he gained point upon the Minmatar sniper, Jedziah and San had levelled their oversized weaponry from afar. 8 Tachyon Beam Laser II's erupted Amarr Navy Red into the hull of the Muninn. The Railguns of the Eagle began to furiously pop away beside it, chewing away at the armour. Tibberg had to bug out of point range allowing the Muninn to escape on less than 15% structure. Not even forcing the Tachyons to overload could get enough out of them to fire again before the heavy assault cruiser warped away. 

Fearing the same fate, the other Muninn promptly turned away, made like a tree and fucked off, in fear of Tachyon love about to come his way. 

Sternhagel began a full retreat, however Viginti was chasing down the Sleipnir to keep it from warping. The Sleipnir was quick; renowned for it's speed, it began to chuckle as it burned away from the Recon Ship. Alas, it was not his day, the path of his ship took him straight into the uncloaking Kulmid who promptly switched off his Microwarpdrive with a Scrambler and redistributed his capacitor.

The Sleip was now dead in the water. Jed once again gained a firing solution upon the Command Ship. The Tachyons levelled, began their notorious charging sound and sent a searing scream across local space. The Aurora crystals were volleying quarter chunks of his shield per shot. The combined fire reduced the ship to minus hull points.

San ordered the Elite Eagle crew to load up the scan resolution scripts into the boosters. As the Sleipnir went out of control and the escape pod ejected, it was locked instantly and railed from 170km away.

Once again, the Germans delivering epic fights and always bringing one. I salute all of you.

More Violence

Once again, Ronin had plans afoot for yet another winning operation. This time it would involve T2 fit, tech 1 frigates.

With San's good friend a few jumps away in the trade hub, I got on the blower to bring in some ships. After much deliberation, I chose the one and only Kestrel. How it has served me well over the years when I was a little whippersnapper.

After the over confident Mr. Frog said how his little Incursus could have sex with my ship without it's permission, I proceeded to show him why the Kestrel is win and had him to structure before his drone managed to fire at my ship once. Comy 2, in seeing the wonders of it rushed off to join the revolution.

With some new recruits in our gang such as Sanjaya in a trusty Griffin, we had formed a mixed fleet with some of the biggest names in the pirate community in the ranks.

2 time Rifter MVP and system clearing specialist Kane Rizzel dropped out of warp in his quintessential Rifter.

Local scan picked up the infamous 'Stinger' ship name penned to the IFF of a Rifter. It was none other than the insatiable Mynxee.

Undocking from the home station was the globally adored FlashFresh, ready once again to deny any links to him being an Nvidia employee seen on a recent Fanfest video.

The elite fleet of win moved off from Evati. After several quiet jumps, Antonio Banderas on one of his last flights with The Bastards for a while called a point upon a ratting Harbinger. The ship itself worth more than our entire fleet several times over.
Bandy made an uncharacteristic Croatian schoolboy error and dropped his transversal velocity to the victim. The focused medium beams upon the Harbinger tore the Rifter in half. Fortunately, Euan had dropped warp and had engaged his warp disruptor. Not far behind came the gang. The Thundercats swooped in laying on the damage thick and fast. In fact, the uncharacteristically unplated Amarr Battlecruiser was rapidly re-distributed to the bloodthirsty pirate gods. 

While Global Criminal wore off, we split up around the belts. A Hurricane pilot not too interested in looking at the lop-sided local count proceeded to clean up the Angel rats in system. The gang gladly obliged to protect the endangered Angel Impaler and made best speed to his belt. With Kane Rizzel now in system, there was quite simply no other who would be getting the final blow. His Rifter capable of punching a Hurricane through a star.

On a nice little party piece, we all held the stricken pod in position while FlashFresh used his small smartbomb to slowly break the Kinder Egg apart. Sadly there was no toy inside.

After global countdowns dropped. We rolled on up to Oddelulf . After laying into a criminal Abaddon pilot. The locals began docking games which we were not interested in.

Once again we split up. The locals tried to gain some easy kills, warping several Destroyers and an Assault Ship to the Ice field.

Jorge who had caught us up decided to end the Catalyst in record timing. I had personally landed near the Jaguar and proceeded to spin up the Kestrel's rapid fire rocket launchers. Soon, the Navy Thorn rockets had torn the Assault ship into bits of toilet roll and scaffolding.

The Thrasher pilot had the unfortunate demise of becoming Kane Rizzel's primary. A rather expensive and rigged Thraser at that. A Cormorant had also fell under the fire but we have yet to locate who got the final blow.

So we had a number of epic lols in our little monsters. Tibberg had turned up in a perma smartbombing Rifter. It scared all of us so Frog killed it. Then we killed Frog for good measures.

We did the Ewok, Axe Swing and Running Man dances in unision for a bit before heading back home to Evati.

Loth was unfortunately busy last night so the fearless Cow in a Can did not make a warranted appearence to debrief us on our operations, give us all key pointers and allow us all to further our PvP exploits.  If it wasn't for the terrible back problems the Cow suffers, he would surely join us in his combat ships rather than having to do with making sandwiches and pouring Quafe Ultra from the sidelines.

Nonetheless, we all respect the experience and knowledge he so happily shares with us.

On a final note. Donate ISKs to me for the capitals I require. It's not an option. I don't have sugar daddy's giving me Rattlesnakes for free like Spectre.

That's all for this post. Hopefully it was long enough to get a sneaky touch of Mynxee's sideboob. Who knows...


Manasi said...

I'd be careful bro she might touch you back then you'd fall over from cardiac arrest...watch out for the red headed ones my friend, WATCH OUT!

Mynxee said...

* "Ooooh, baby, it's so good to be back in your blog. Why'd you make me wait so long! And since I promised..." Presses schoolgirl kisses all over San's face (leaving an artistic trail of lipstick marks) while teasingly pinching both cheeks...and managing to look completely innocent the entire time.*

Now don't be gettin' all used to this kind of attention, sugah. I gots to be concentratin' on my flyin' so the short-bus kids don't "accidentally" try to shoot me out the sky when I'm hangin' witchu all. *glares lovingly at Thrac*

Ya know, before Spec had a sugar daddy, he had a fundraiser. Maybe you should do the same thing!

And oh yeah, CCP: Better anti-jam juice, please.

Ga'len said...

Mynxee said
* "Ooooh, baby, it's so good to be back in your blog. Why'd you make me wait so long! And since I promised..." Presses schoolgirl kisses all over San's face (leaving an artistic trail of lipstick marks) while teasingly pinching both cheeks...and managing to look completely innocent the entire time.*


Mynxee said...

Really, Ga'len you'd have to spend some time on The Bastards vent server to understand, LOL.

Spectre said...

It's funny, I hear people talking about how they make money in Eve. I hear about mission running, ratting, market PvP, busting low-sec mission runners, ransoming, blah blah blah. I don't understand any of that because I have made 90% of my career and money out of begging and happenstance. I think I have probably made close to 2 billion in my short career off freebies that people have just given me. It is a good way to live.

Mynxee said...

@Spec: Maybe it's time for you to write that Pirate's Guide to Freeloading *grin*